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JGV Wanderung am 25.08.2007 006.jpg

Name: JGV Wanderung am 25.08.2007 006.jpg
Datum: 26.05.2008 23:42
Aufrufe: 1044
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Main Image Information

Image Description
Make (Manufacturer)
No Rotation, No Flip 
(Row 0 is at the visual top of the image,
 and column 0 is the visual left-hand side)
X Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Date and Time2007:08:25 14:30:40 (Format: YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS)
YCbCr Positioning
Chrominance and luminance components Co-Sited
Print Image Matching Info
Version: 0250
Unknown Tag 2: (4 bytes of data)
Unknown Tag 257: (4 bytes of data)

EXIF Image File Directory (IFD) contents

Exposure Time10/2000 (0.005) seconds
Aperture F Number56/10 (5.6)
Exposure Program
Normal program
ISO Speed Ratings100
Exif Version
Date and Time of Original
2007:08:25 14:30:40
Date and Time when Digitized
2007:08:25 14:30:40
Components Configuration
Component 1: Y (Luminance)
Component 2: Cb (Chroma minus Blue)
Component 3: Cr (Chroma minus Red)
Component 4: Does not exist
Compressed Bits Per Pixel8/1 (8) bits
APEX Exposure Bias Value (Exposure Compensation)0/10 (0) EV
APEX Maximum Aperture Value48/16 (3)
Metering Mode
Light Source
Flash did not fire, auto mode
FocalLength79/10 (7.9) mm
FlashPix Version
Colour Space
Pixel X Dimension640 pixels
Pixel Y Dimension480 pixels
File Source
Digital Still Camera
Scene Type
A directly photographed image
Special Processing (Custom Rendered)
Normal process
Exposure Mode
Auto exposure
White Balance
Auto white balance
Scene Capture Type

Maker Note Contents

Makernote Coding: Sony

Unknown Tag #8192( 1 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36865( 148 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36866( 200 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36867( 200 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36868( 116 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36869( 128 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36870( 252 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36871( 200 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #36872( 200 bytes of binary data )

Interoperability Image File Directory (IFD) contents

Interoperability Index
Interoperability Version

Thumbnail Information

Thumbnail compressed with JPEG compression
Make (Manufacturer)
No Rotation, No Flip 
(Row 0 is at the visual top of the image,
 and column 0 is the visual left-hand side)
X Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution72/1 (72) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Date and Time2007:08:25 14:30:40 (Format: YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS)
Exif Thumbnail (JPEG Interchange Format)
Exif Thumbnail Length (JPEG Interchange Format Length)4778 bytes

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